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Heritage New Zealand

There is a growing public interest in heritage and increasing awareness of its importance to national identity. This provides a unique opportunity for AKOAKO to work alongside Heritage New Zealand to promote what they do through educational and entertaining web-based content. At the same time, we fulfill our objectives.

Heritage New Zealand is the leading national historic heritage agency and is an Autonomous Crown Entity. Whilst Heritage New Zealand receives 80% of their funding from the Crown, they have to raise the rest. This is where AKOAKO helps further. By volunteering our time and resources we can increase public awareness on ways the viewer can also support Heritage New Zealand’s work. It doesn’t have to be money – it could be visiting a heritage property or volunteering time.

What we are working on

GRAND HOUSES NEW ZEALAND. Due for release in late 2018

Explore behind the doors of New Zealand’s grandest heritage houses, finding out their secrets and discovering the personalities that once occupied them. Along the way meet those dedicated to their conservation and the lengths they will go to ensure our past is not lost.

  • The webseries will be free to view on YouTube, Facebook and a number of Websites.
  • To keep up-to-date on our filming and catch behind the scenes footage follow us on Facebook.

Corporate Support

AKOAKO does not get paid to make video content for Heritage New Zealand. Corporate Support is therefore welcomed to help get our film crew where it needs to go. Maybe you could donate petrol vouchers, sponsor accommodation, or supply a hired car … In return each video ends with your logo and website address – great exposure to an established and growing audience. Check out these Heritage New Zealand statistics:

  • Around 70,000 visitors to their website each month
  • At least 200,000 visitors their properties annually
  • More then 100,000 readers of their quarterly magazine
  • Around 8,000 subscribers to their monthly e-newsletter
  • Over 20,000 members

If you would like to support this project in anyway, contact Marguerite Renaud: margo@akoako.co.nz

If you would like to help Heritage New Zealand in other ways, contact Brendon Veale: information@heritage.org.nz

Both Marguerite and Brendon are happy to provide additional information on the exact benefits to your business.

More about Heritage New Zealand

Heritage New Zealand maintains the New Zealand Heritage List (over 5,600), manage 48 nationally significant heritage properties, regulate the modification of archaeological sites, and manage the national heritage preservation incentive fund. They also provide advice to both central and local government, and property owners on the conservation of New Zealand’s most significant heritage sites. Heritage New Zealand works in partnership with others, including iwi and hapū Māori, local and central government agencies, heritage NGOs, property owners, and volunteers.

  • Their vision: Our heritage is valued, respected and preserved for present and future generations
  • Their mission: To identify, protect and promote heritage

To find out more about Heritage New Zealand, visit their website: www.heritage.org.nz